Logistics delivery methods include home delivery and express delivery. Generally, the goods in the warehouse can be shipped within 3 days, and the customer products will be shipped in about 30 days after receiving the order.

Customized service

Prowin provides the most suitable pneumatic tools according to customer needs, and provides OEM customization services.

reasonable price

All pneumatic tools are 100% made in Taiwan, exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries, the price is reasonable, low MOQ, welcomecontact uslearn more.


With more than 28 years of rich experience in the pneumatic field, it provides high-quality pneumatic products and spraying equipment.

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Prowin is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic spray guns. All pneumatic equipment is made in Taiwan. The products are exported to professional markets such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. We are looking for distributors and agents of pneumatic tools in various regions. If you have any needs for paint spray guns, please contact us.contact us.


HP Professional Air-operated Spray Guns

HP paint spray guns work with thick paints like glue, epoxy, and zinc for a beautiful finish.

XRP Environmental Protection Pneumatic Spray Gun

XRP / RP pneumatic paint spray guns are specially designed for fast and smooth delivery of paint, and the transfer efficiency is increased up to 70-80+ %.

HVLP low pressure environmental protection pneumatic spray gun

HVLP guns provide a soft finish that reduces overspray and saves on paint costs. Transmission efficiency <65%, up to 83%.


LVLP Low Pressure High Performance Pneumatic Spray Gun

LVLP low-pressure high-atomization spray guns apply paint faster, making them better for large objects and large-scale spray applications.

kh-357m mini spray gun

Eco/Mini Paint Spray Gun

Equipped with a 125c.c. gravity cup, the mini and lightweight gun body is easy to operate and suitable for small area repairs.

automatic spray gun

automatic spray gun

It can be installed on automatic coating machines, reciprocating spraying machines, coating robots and other equipment. Effectively save paint consumption of 20~30%.

HVLP automatic spray gun

100% is produced in Taiwan, exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Australia professional market grade, the coating efficiency of Tongde Japanese spray gun. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it also saves the cost of spraying.

Paint spray gun cleaning machine

Suitable for water-based or oil-based paint spray gun cleaning, equipped with high-efficiency piston pump or patented diaphragm pump, and equipped with a safety start valve to avoid splashing of cleaning fluid.



Prowin supplies premium quality airbrushes to the world's top artists and professional creators. The following specifications are available for selection.
Type: pen type, gun type.
Caliber: 0.2/0.3/0.5/0.7 mm.
Paint spray cup: side cup, top cup, siphon type.
Spray Cup: 2/7/15/30/50/60 cc


Pen Airbrush

Suitable for a wide range of artistic uses such as photo retouching, fine drawing, technical and medical illustration, body crafting, plastic models. Use with colored inks, watercolors, paints, dissolved acrylic and gouache, and more.

SG-530C airbrush

Pen Airbrush

Features a forged aluminum body and stainless steel spout for precise control and increased durability. The ergonomically designed body, O-ring design and cut-away handle make it easy to use and clean.

gun model airbrush

Removable side color cup with two-action button control allows for a variety of spray patterns. Suitable for any artwork such as commercial art, industrial drawings, models, illustrations, designs, T-shirt paintings, etc.

paint pen set

Comes with a 22cc glass spray cup, a 60cc glass spray cup, a 183cm pvc air hose, a wrench and a cup. This single action airbrush is easy to operate and is recommended for beginners and students.

Provided by ProwinAluminum/steel/Stainless steel paint pressure tank, can meet various customized needs, and has passed the EU safety directive and explosion-proof certification. Capacity and design can be selected according to application requirements. Optional agitator, upper or lower paint outlet, liquid level indicator, visual window, detachable stainless steel inner barrel, etc.


Aluminum pressure tank

Compared with steel or stainless steel painting pressure drums, the advantage of aluminum pressure drums is that they are lightweight and portable. The capacity is available in 2L and 3L.


steel pressure tank

The steel pressure barrel is strong and reliable. They are usually the cheapest solution, making them a more suitable solution for small businesses.


Stainless Steel Pressure Tank

The 304 stainless steel pressure barrel has strong corrosion resistance and is durable. It is the first choice for chemical or food industry.


Mirror polished stainless steel pressure tank

The mirror-polished pressure vessel is easy to clean and maintain. For applications in the pharmaceutical, food, and semiconductor industries, our company also provides custom-made pressure vessels that meet sanitary standards.

pt-017 portable type air agitator

pneumatic mixer

The blade-type paint agitator can operate at high speed, while providing high torque, high stability, and low noise, and can be used with a multi-proportion motor reducer to provide the best torque value and correct speed.

pt-003 stand type air agitator

stand mixer

The company provides a variety of fixed air mixers, including stand type, clamp type, straddle type and portable type for customers to choose. In addition, it can also be equipped with aluminum, stainless steel or nylon blades according to requirements.

air motor

air motor

It is durable and reliable even in difficult environments; the air motor powered by air has the characteristics of high safety, easy control of speed, high stability, and durability.

diaphragm pump

Air operated diaphragm pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps provide better and more stable delivery of low-viscosity coatings, are suitable for a wide range of fluid types, provide excellent pressure stabilization effects for various spraying needs, and effectively improve spraying quality.

air pressure regulatorThe function of controlling the air pressure is provided to ensure that the air tool produces a balanced and stable air pressure. The air pressure regulator is suitable for those applications where the air pressure is unstable or requires the stability of the air pressure.

SG-007 air regulator with pressure gauge

air pressure regulator

SG-017 air regulator with pressure gauge

air pressure regulator


air pressure regulator

SG-027 air regulator with pressure gauge

Precision air pressure regulator

Water injection pneumatic stone secondary processing toolIt is suitable for surface/edge polishing, grinding, chamfering, cutting, forming, etc. of granite, marble, quartz stone and artificial stone, etc., which can avoid dust generation during grinding and reduce work hazards.

WG-585 Wet-Angle-Air-Grinder-Polisher

Pneumatic polishing water mill

Water injection air polishers are suitable for sanding/polishing of granite, marble, porcelain and engineered stone, other types of stone and fiberglass (fiberglass). Ideal for continuous wet polishing in the stone industry.

WG-832 Wet-Angle-Air-Grinder-Polisher

Water injection pneumatic grinder

Prowin's Water Injection Air Grinder is a powerful, reliable air tool. The central water supply system can effectively reduce dust and is very suitable for continuous wet grinding in the stone industry.

WCT-832 Wet-Air-Cutting-Saw

Water injection pneumatic cutting machine

The water injection pneumatic cutting machine has the characteristics of low vibration, low noise, light weight and comfortable grip. And it has a water valve switch design, which can easily control the water flow speed.

L-P100 Stone-Clamp

Stone fixture

Ideal for moving slabs, steel plates and other hard materials without powered lifting equipment. The maximum attached load is up to 100 kg. Contains rubber pads to prevent scratching or damaging stone surfaces.

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